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Do it Yourself or Ask Professionals When Building a Staircase in Norwich?

You can either hire a contractor in Norwich to build your staircase or you can try doing it yourself. Not only are woodwork skills imperative, but so are mathematics skills. If you are lacking in these areas, you can hire a staircase joiner. Even if you feel confident in your abilities, a simple mistake could prove costly. White's Staircases & Furniture on 01603 812005 can help you out with all of your staircase joinery needs!

Stairway Building Projects in Norwich

Home improvement projects can increase the value of your home in the Norwich area so if you're considering building or renovating a staircase, consider the following first. Since it's very difficult and complicated, you should hire someone else to do it rather than attempt it yourself. Woodwork skills are only part of the job; you also need exact measurements. If you incorrectly build a staircase, you might be in violation of building regulations. You should ask a staircase joiner in Norwich first.

The Mathematical Precision of Staircases in Norwich

Building a staircase isn't easy as there is a lot of mathematics involved, as well as a steady hand. Knowledge of power tools and a strong grasp of physics and maths are necessary when it comes to building staircases. Building stairs is mathematically challenging from the start as there are standard measurements that must be adhered to. Figuring out the length of the stairs means adding the bottom step's nosing to the top riser's thickness, which means more maths for anyone building a staircase. Mathematics in stair joinery isn't easy so leave it to the professionals in Norwich if you're considering a new or remodelled staircase.

Different Staircases in Norwich

There are two basic types of staircase. Pre-made staircases are the first. Pre-made staircases are also known as mill-made stairs. Carpenter-built staircases are the second kind. While there are two types of staircases, carpenter-built staircases are cheaper in Norwich and can be covered with carpet.

The Common Words Used in Norwich Regarding Staircase Joinery

Staircase joinery has its own unique vocabulary. The vertical surface between the horizontal walking surfaces of the stairs is known as a riser whereas the actual walking surface of the stair is known as the tread. Carriage stringers are the planes that fit both the treads and risers while offering them support. Lastly, next to the carriage stringers there is what is known as the mop board and it acts as a trim. This specific vocabulary can be a barrier when working on stairs so this task is best left to a skilled labourer in Norwich.